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pizza- Mamma Mia Pizzas Wallsend

Our Specialties


From mouthwatering veggie Pizzas to stuffed crust double cheesy Pepperoni Pizzas, enjoy all your favourites with a base of rich, tangy tomato sauce.


Gourmet burgers with 100% British prime beef, topped with gooey mozzarella cheese and fresh lettuce. The best burgers you will ever sink your teeth into!


Hot or cold, our fresh and fabulous chicken wraps with a heady combination of herbs are the perfect mid-week meal to keep you going until the weekend.


Our golden-brown doner calzone pizzas are filled with an array of fresh, local ingredients with a gut-busting amount of doner kebab meat piled on top.


Our succulent Doner kebabs with a burst of dreamy flavours will melt in your mouth. Treat yourself to one to take you around the world and back again!

Plain Chicken Parmesan

Get the ultimate Italian-style chicken parmesan. It is topped with a creamy cheese and pesto mixture and baked in a homemade marinara sauce.

Support Local, Eat Local


Our legendary dishes are cooked to perfection to satisfy every taste. Get quality and genuine value for money at Mamma Mia Pizzas.


Fast and secure delivery is just a tap away. You can always rely on us for a HOT delivery. Just place your order and wait for the knock.


Our dedicated award-winning chefs make everything to order, using the freshest ingredients. Our delicious menu provides a tasty dish for every palate.

About Us

About Mamma Mia Pizzas

Mamma Mia, a well-established pizza shop, is located at 82 High St E, Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne NE28 7RH. Best known for our freshly made Pizzas, we also serve many other savoury dishes, stomach-satisfying fast foods and decadent desserts such as succulent gourmet Burgers, juicy Kebabs, value Meal Deals, extra-topping Mexican-style Nachos, fresh crispy Calzones and many others.

If you need to grab a quick meal on the go but don't want to totally blow your healthy eating plan, check out our menu for delectable fast foods.

Fancy a homemade wrap? Whatever your taste is, we’ve got you covered with a variety of delicious wraps from Doner to Chicken, Cheesy Chips and others.

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